Social responsibility

We live social responsibility and this means to us that we assume responsibility towards our society. We show our commitment in many ways. Here you will find some examples:

Learning is fun: BUTTING supports "the green classroom"

From now on, in good weather, children attending a primary school in the Lower Saxony district of Gifhorn will be told: pack up your books and pencil cases and get out into the open-air classroom. As part of renovations in the school playground, BUTTING constructed new benches for a “green classroom”. An apprentice technical product designer developed benches for the school children specially for this project. The school logo and the name of the school were cut into the material at the sides with a jet of water. The six benches were handed over at the end of 2014 as a gift from BUTTING.

Little Scientists' House

Under the auspices of the BUTTING Akademie, we have for many years been supporting kindergartens in the Gifhorn district in a unique cooperation project: the Berlin-based “Haus der kleinen Forscher” (“Little Scientists’ House”) foundation, which began its activities in June 2008.

Its aim is to promote scientific and technical education in the early years all over Germany. The idea is to awaken an interest in natural phenomena in children as young as three to six, and give them the opportunity to experiment and find their own explanations for everyday scientific phenomena. In this way, every child can discover its own inclinations, interests and abilities in scientific matters.

Study sponsorship scheme

With the BUTTING study sponsorship scheme, we assist young people to fulfil their professional plans and meet the increasing demands of industry. With 15 places on our programme, we want to secure our own young talent at the same time. In future, the BUTTING Academy would also like to offer the study grant to other companies in the region, thus making a contribution to promoting our economic area.

Integration Workshop in Nordkreis Gifhorn district

The name of BUTTING has been inseparably linked to the Knesebeck region and stands for a clear value orientation based on Christian ethics. The BUTTING Akademie wishes to give a stimulus to the region’s people and companies alike and support their development along a successful, value-oriented path.

Against this background, the BUTTING Akademie gGmbH has taken over responsibility for the Integration Workshop in Nordkreis Gifhorn district. The goal of the integration work in the institution is to provide the refugees in our district with a comprehensive and equal participation in all areas of society.

BUTTING supports depression awareness tour

Two lads have the courage to speak openly about depression and draw attention to the illness. So they initiate a joint cycle tour, which takes them from Goslar to Rostock in the space of one week.

This kind of courage we hope to see in our company and in society as well. For BUTTING, it was a personal matter to support the ambitious project of the Mut zu Reden (“Courage to speak up”) tour of these two pupils from the IGS Wittingen comprehensive school in our region. Depression is a topic we should not turn a blind eye to. Therefore, our family-owned company offers its employees the opportunity to take their problems and worries to trained consultants and get help for free.

Neue-Autetal-Schule Lüder: BUTTING supports school

In order to ensure the quality of life and future viability in our region, we need personalities who are courageous, responsible, self-reflective and creative and who are therefore able to act with entrepreneurial spirit and take responsibility for their actions. 

Hermann Butting hopes that Neue-Auetal-Schule in Lüder will follow the approach of discovering and promoting this potential and creating a space for holistic learning, which is why he has committed to supporting the school financially for three years. For the employees of BUTTING and also future professionals and executives, the Neue-Auetal-Schule in Lüder is an enrichment of the educational opportunities for our children and thus increases the attractiveness of our region as a place to live and work.

Encouragement of the forest kindergarten „Die Kienäppel“

It was the desire of a nature-based childcare in the region that let two women walk bravely on a new ground: They founded the forest kindergarten "Die Kienäppel" under this concept in Barwedel 2019.

That's the sort of courage that BUTTING hopes to see in our company and in socienty as well. So it was a labour of love for Hermann Butting to support this project for the benefit of our region and for more quality of life.

"Through our involvement, we can promote children's health and increase their environmental sensibility, while building a strong sense of community. These are the skills we want for our future employers and our society." (Hermann Butting)


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