Stainless steel pipes for the food industry

Stainless steel pipes that meet the highest requirements in terms of hygiene and corrosion resistance each and every day are the basis for meticulous food manufacturing. Our extensive experience enables us to combine the production of longitudinal welded stainless steel pipes with a wide range of finishing options and extensive consultancy services.

Our pipe stock provides quick delivery of longitudinal welded special pipes for the food industry with dimensions of DN 15 to 300 in accordance with DIN EN 10357 (previously DIN 11850) in the CC and BC designs. Other dimensions, special geometries and tolerances, as well as CD and BD designs, can be manufactured on request.

We also manufacture ready-for-installation components for machinery and plant engineering, such as for bottling plants in the beverage industry. In addition we produce bends with a large radius (elbows with long radii) for pneumatic conveyor systems.

Not only do we adhere strictly to DIN EN 10357, we also implement your specific requirements in terms of inner and outer surfaces, as well as tolerances, and thus manufacture special pipes according to customer specifications. Our food pipes are suitable for use in pigging technology.

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