Various processing options

Through a combination of state-of-the-art production technology, craftsmanship and long-standing experience we offer our customers customised components with particular requirements:


Depending on the material and the industrial application, BUTTING satisfies a range of requirements for inner and outer surfaces and the weld seam area. We therefore offer you both chemical surface treatments and a variety of mechanical ones.

Chemical pickling after production is standard at BUTTING. This guarantees pipes and components with optimum corrosion resistance.

You can also specify different surface types:

  • The choice of raw material depends on the specified nature of the surfaces
  • Rolling operations / flattening
  • Individual requirements for roughness
  • Grinding the inner and outer surfaces
  • Blasting the inner and outer surfaces
  • Deliberate roughening of the surfaces through Raumatic surface finishing

Form and position tolerances

Our stainless steel pipes and components are produced according to national and international standards, e.g. DIN, ISO or ASTM.

Beyond this, we implement any other requirements the customer may have with regard to special tolerances of the inside and outside diameter and the wall thickness. This is why numerous pharmaceutical companies have been relying on BUTTING pipes with very tight tolerances of the outside diameter for years.

We also produce stainless steel pipes for piggable plants, diaphragm pipes or valve housings, where the inside diameter is of the essence. Also in this sector we are your quality supplier. Our Quality Assurance system is part of each process, thus ensuring compliance with all individual requirements, e.g. squareness of the pipe ends - an important prerequisite for subsequent orbital welding.

Mechanical finishing

Turning, milling and drilling are the processes which make our corrosion resistant pipes suitable for meeting various demands and fulfilling many purposes. Modern CNC and universal lathes are available in our production centre. In a single clamping operation we manufacture complete parts and components. Our production facilities in the lathering area include sizes up to 1 200 mm in diameter and 6 000 mm in length. Milling is possible for components of up to 14 000 x 2 800 x 1 500 mm in length, height and depth.

The BUTTING HeRo® - Heat Resistant Roller - illustrates the very precise production results. Our "hero" is used in the roller hearth furnances of the steel industry. Its high running accuracy represents a crucial advantage.

Depending on the field of use, not only standard materials, but also special materials with a high alloy content or titanium alloys are processed. Precise milling and turning results are the BUTTING quality criteria for special pipes and components ready for installation.

Laser processing

Laser technology offers many opportunities for the processing of pipes into complex components. Our own laser processing centre provides up-to-date laser technology.

Demanding cutting geometries and notches up to 10 mm in wall thickness are performed - deformation and burr-free, and complying with very tight tolerances.

Though our manufacturing possibilities and product variations are almost infinite; we realize e. g. support pipes and jacket pipes, flare tips, sorting trays and many other stainless steel solutions. We will be happy to advise you.


In addition to the production of longitudinally welded pipes in a variety of lengths, BUTTING offers a wide range of services for forming comprises. The forming of our quality pipes is done by means of mechanical and hydraulic calibration, bending and forming procedures, while complying with very strict tolerances.

Our wide range of services for forming comprises:

  • Flanges
  • Extrusions
  • Hydroforming
  • Shrinking and expanding
  • Fitting of inner and outer beads


The latest expansion of the production centre is a fully automated welding cell, combined with a robot system. The system ist suitable for both TIG and MAG welds on components. The use of optical seam guidance during the welding process can ensure an even and excellent weld quality. A rotary swinging positioner enables complex geometric shapes to be welded. We also ensure high and exact reproducibility of the series parts and constant quality.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Jörg Pollmann
Sales Director Customised components