Examples for customised components

The range of services from BUTTING includes the production of longitudinally welded pipes, their pre­fabrication and also processing into components ready for installation at the highest level of quality. Through the individual combination of the base product (normally our high­quality pipe) and the production facilities, we create your components ready for installation.

Valve and pump housings

Valve and pump housings are impressive examples of the close cooperation between BUTTING and its customers. By using specially developed processing methods and tools, we create individual components and optimise the value chain for our customers.

We produce valve and pump housings from almost every group of materials: in 300 different versions, ready for installation. The starting point for all of these housings is our high-quality stainless steel BUTTING pipe. The pipes are processed further in several stages into components ready for installation, by methods including welding, milling, turning, laser treatment, forming, drilling and treating the surfaces.

We guarantee the functional safety and long life of the stainless steel components by using high-quality primary products, a high degree of automation and through our well-qualified staff.

Fuel baskets

Since 1980 we have been producing various containers for customers in energy sector. Compliance with tightest tolerances and the highest level of quality are the prerequisites for the manufacture of components used in nuclear plants. Each production process is precisely documented by our highly qualified staff, thus reproducibility is ensured.

On the basis of the KTA 1401, AVS D 100/50 and IAEA 50-c-Q regulations of Areva, BUTTING has received approval to manufacture components (pipes and pressure vessels) in stainless steels for nuclear plants.

You can select the individual material grades for processing from a wide range, such as boron-alloyed stainless steels, copper or aluminium.


The BUTTING HeRo® - Heat Resisting Roller - is a product solution developed at our plant: a heat resisting furnace roller which is used by the steel industry in roller-hearth furnaces for the manufacture of long and flat products.

Most of the furnace rollers used hitherto are water cooled, cause considerable energy and maintenance costs and are not noted for their longevity. This is where our uncooled furnace roller comes in very handy: the BUTTING HeRo® offers a long service life due to its very low tendency to oxidation and minor mechanical wear. This means considerable cost reductions, as furnace stand-stills and maintenance costs are avoided. The energy costs are also lowered, as cooling with water can be dispensed with.

Depending on its intended use our "hero" is individually produced from appropriate materials like Alloy 602 CA, 601 H or 800 H. Our furnace rollers can be produced in outside diameters from NB 100 up to 700 and wall thicknesses of up to 60 mm.

Components for the aircraft and aerospace industry

For the aircraft and aerospace industry we manufacture our products according to NADCAP, among others.


BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Jörg Pollmann
Sales Director Customised components