House of Cooperation

Values which determine behaviour are the basis of every action. The culture of every business develops on the basis of the values lived by those who bear responsibility. At the House of Cooperation, we have attempted to outline the values that have shaped the BUTTING culture over the years. We feel under an obligation to these values.

Esteem is the basis of our successful teamwork. We are convinced that every individual deserves consideration and respect. This means, for example, that we cooperate positively with one another, stick to good manners when sending e-mails too, and talk with rather than about one another. We support people who contribute to the company's well-being in fulfilling their potential.

This is the foundation for the supporting pillars of our House of Cooperation:

Performance means for us that every individual commits himself 100% to the success of the BUTTING Group. Here it is not only important that every individual diligently takes on the tasks assigned to him. We also support one another as a team and are successful together. If we cannot provide the performance expected, we clear up the causes together and find possible solutions. In this way we are committed to progress, growth and ensuring the future of the BUTTING Group.

Honesty means for us that what we say is in line with what we do. We know the limits of our own actions and don't make promises that we can't keep. We stand up for our convictions, face up to difficulties and admit our own mistakes openly at an early stage.

Openness means for us that we are open towards other people, new technologies and new forms of teamwork and organisation. In order to continue to be competitive in future, we must as a company regard changes as opportunities and take advantage of them. That is why we see ourselves as learning every day. We question existing interdependencies and develop new ideas for our own tasks, processes, the department or the company. In so doing, we take arguments and ideas of employees and colleagues into account when reaching decisions.

Reliability means for us that we build long-term relationships. We succeed in this when we live the values of care, discipline, reliability and loyalty to the company. That is why, for example, we complete our tasks and appointments reliably and on time, or communicate difficulties and possible delays to the downstream departments at an early stage. Discrete handling of personal information and corporate expertise is crucial to us.

Courage means for us that every individual takes decisions independently within his area of responsibility and implements new ideas. We therefore try out innovations on our own initiative if this benefits our corporate objectives and progress. Every individual fulfils the tasks allocated to him responsibly and stands up for the consequences of his actions. But we also stand up for our own ideas even if they do not directly affect our own area of responsibility.

If these values are lived, we firmly believe that an atmosphere of trust, creativity, motivation and genuine teamwork will develop. Every individual employee should be able to fulfil his potential as far as possible. The reward is enjoyment of (team)work, quality, innovation and outstanding performance. This is the way to achieve 'Progress by Tradition'.

As part of our corporate culture, it is self-evident for us to maintain a non-discriminatory approach to HIV-positive people in our work environment. On the occasion of World AIDS Day 2020, for example, BUTTING joined the appeal of Deutsche Aidshilfe and signed the declaration of non-discriminatory treatment of HIV-positive people in the workplace.

Stefan Fuß
Personnel Management
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