Our Philosophy – Foundation of our success

We are a family business, owned and run by the same family in the seventh generation. BUTTING was founded in Crossen on the river Oder as a coppersmith's over 240 years ago. Today we are a global company with over 1 700 employees worldwide. Our mission statement and the values we live by are the foundations of our success.

Progress by Tradition

We are committed to our tradition and at the same time work on our successful future. We grow with challenges and embrace change. To this end, we are continuously developing our company, our products and our employees. Our "mission statement" unites us within the company.

>>Mission statement of BUTTING



Our values

We achieve success together. Our employees enjoy working for us. Our cooperation is characterised by mutual appreciation and the motivation and commitment of each individual. In our "House of Cooperation", we have summarised what makes us special.

>>Company values


Leadership 2.0

In a changing world, leadership must also change. Leadership is more than a method for us – we have a common understanding. Our managers share an open, appreciative attitude towards employees, colleagues and customers and base their behaviour on our management principles.

>>Our understanding of management


BUTTING – Progress by Tradition