Mechanically lined pipes – the GluBi® pipe

BUTTING has developed a glue bonded mechanically lined pipe that can be laid using the reel-lay process, without using inner pressure or increasing the wall thickness of the corrosion-resistant liner: the GluBi® pipe!

The principle behind the pipe is very innovative: The basis is a mechanically lined BuBi® pipe, which is provided with an additional special adhesive between the carbon-manganese steel and the corrosion-resistant liner.

Technical details at a glance:

  • Outer diameters from OD 168.3 mm (6") to OD 457.2 mm (18")
  • Manufactured in 12-metre lengths
  • Produced in accordance with API and DNV
  • Suitable for all laying methods, economical for reeling and j-lay processes

Benefits of glued mechanically lined pipes:

  • A wide range of materials and combination options
  • Realisation of very tight tolerance requirements
  • Wide range of dimensions from 6" to 18"
  • Can be laid using reel-lay process, without internal water pressure or increased liner thickness
  • Reduced laying costs and potential to save material costs

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