Our mission statement

Living responsibility has always been the basis of our corporate culture. Active responsibility creates an atmosphere of trust. To deal with customers, suppliers and employees in a trustworthy manner, combined with courage, diligence and careful work have been the basis of the success of our family business – for more than 240 years now.

Family business

We are a self-determined family business managed by the 7th generation of the Butting family. Our aim is to hand over a healthy company to the next generation!


A family of employees

We are a well-trained, international family of employees and we understand ourselves as people who learn something new every day. We owe our innovative strength and ability to find solutions to many years of experience and teamwork, as well as to new ideas and unique personalities!


Top performance

A top performance is our inspiration! We are strong in the sectors of materials and welding technology, manufacturing technology and quality assurance as well as the handling of major projects and we invest continuously in a successful future.



We are well known for quality and reliability. We assume responsibility for our work - as well as for our mistakes. Our customers will be delighted with the service we render!


Sense and quality of life

We support the success of our clients and with our corrosion resistant products we support sustainability and quality of life. With our economic success we assure our future as a self-determined family business and contribute substantially to the living standard of our employees and their families.


A valuable cooperation

In order to make our cooperation successful and joyful, we represent the values of our "House of Cooperation":

  • Esteem
  • Performance
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Reliability
  • Courage


A powerful, global network

We create a powerful network with worldwide cooperation partners and through global market presence with BUTTING companies.


Healthy, safe and environmentally friendly

In organizing the workplaces of our employees we take care of health and safety of our employees and visitors on-site. The safety at work has first priority in our daily work. We save resources, protect the environment and act in accordance with man and nature.


Progress by Tradition – for our customers and our staff, for this and the next generation