BUTTING supports depression awareness tour

For BUTTING, living and breathing social responsibility means taking responsibility towards our society. The family business is therefore involved in regional matters in a variety of ways, and recently also supported the ambitious project of the Mut zu Reden ("Courage to speak up") tour. The closing event took place on the company premises at the end of August.

Trainees and invited guests met at BUTTING's headquarters in Knesebeck, where they watched the result of the first World Youth Expedition in the Gifhorn-Wolfsburg area with interest. One year ago, five schools took part in the education project. Mark Bialas and Merlin Beyer from the IGS Wittingen comprehensive school felt so motivated by a lecture delivered by extreme athlete Joachim Franz on the topic of "courage" that they set themselves an ambitious goal: They wanted to speak openly about depression and draw attention to the illness. So they initiated a joint cycle tour, which took them from Goslar to Rostock in the space of one week. Along the way, they spoke with those affected by depression, as well as with local politicians and the press. At the closing event they reported on their campaign – from the initial idea through the planning work to its final implementation.

Representing BUTTING, Antje Hausmann, responsible for commercial apprenticeship, and Jan-Henrik Godau, Health and Safety Management Officer, drew a positive conclusion: "When we received the request from the two lads asking us to support the tour, we were impressed. These two lads are brave enough to set out to discuss depression, talking openly about it. That's the sort of courage we hope to see in our company and in society as well. Depression is a topic we shouldn't turn a blind eye to."

Against this background, BUTTING's apprentices were reminded that the family-owned company offers its employees various psychosocial counselling services. Everyone gets the opportunity to take their problems and worries to trained consultants and get help for free.


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