On the road to greater energy efficiency

In times of constantly rising energy costs and based on the knowledge of the finite nature of raw materials, a responsible approach to energy consumption plays an important role in a large company such as BUTTING. For many years, environmental friendliness and sustainability have been at the forefront of our business activities. The objective is to make production processes as energy-efficient as possible and therefore “safe, healthy and environmentally sound”, in accordance with our self-conception.

With the introduction of our Energy Managagment System (EMS) in 2012, BUTTING took an important step towards comprehensive and permanent control of energy consumption. In 2015, the family business was awarded ISO 50001 certification for its successful, systematic energy management.

The objectives of the EMS are to identify potential savings, to improve and more efficiently design production processes and facilities accordingly, and finally, to permanently control energy consumption. As a result, this brings about continual and sustainable improvements to energy efficiency in the long term.

In addition, EMS supports the work of the individuals commissioned by BUTTING, by providing key figures regarding energy output, for example. The staff are regularly informed about the energy output and sensitised through recommendations for action. Energy-related guidelines for action are also communicated to commissioned external contractors.

For us, ISO 50001 certification represents an additional milestone on the road to sustainable production.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition