Task: Improve welding processes

BUTTING is noted for its long-standing experience in welding stainless steel, special and clad materials. Improving welding processes is seen as a central task of our welding technology.

At BUTTING, all the current arc and beam welding processes are used. In pipe production from coils we use plasma and TIG welding, and increasingly laser beam welding processes. Laser beam welding is used especially with pipes for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food technology and solar technology industries. It is ultimately the customer's specification which prescribes the welding process to be applied.

BUTTING customers benefit from our know-how:

  • Approx. 1 500 Weld Procedure Qualification Tests in line with German and international rules
  • 480 welders are tested and certified in line with German and international rules
  • 45 welding machine operators licensed under ASME IX
  • 150 welders licensed under ASME IX

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