Corrosion-resistant materials for the aircraft and aerospace industry

Since the 1970s, BUTTING has been manufacturing pipes, bends and flanges, ready-for-installation compressed gas and fuel feed lines, as well as welded constructions, for the aircraft and aerospace industry. Our ready-for-installation and finally cleaned products made from stainless steel and titanium are installed in the ARIANE 5 carrier rockets (they will also be installed in ARIANE 6), in space stations and vehicles, as well as in aircraft by well-known manufacturers. We also manufacture components made of corrosion-resistant steel for ground and test equipment.

Quality management that can continuously adapt to the increasing challenges of the aircraft and aerospace industry is essential in the manufacture of products for this high-tech industry. To meet these requirements, BUTTING is certified in accordance with EN 9100. We also have a cleanroom of class DIN ISO 14644-1 Class 8 / US Fed. STD.: 100 000.

BUTTING has NADCAP AC7110 Welding approval for welding aircraft components. Welding supervisors are designated in accordance with DVS 2715. We are currently seeking other NADCAP certifications so that we can cover additional special processes in the in-house production process chain and non-destructive testing for the aerospace industry.

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