Training with a practical focus

As a leading stainless steel processor in Europe, for 240 years the name BUTTING has stood for the highest quality and for progress with tradition. As part of our training on stainless steel, since 2007 we have been offering you – customers and business partners from the stainless-steel sector – the chance to pass on to your employees our practical expertise in processing stainless steels.

You have the opportunity to take part in our two-day BUTTING Hands-on Days on the topics of:

>> Hands-on Days I: "All about the quality pipe"

We would be delighted to provide training proposals tailored to your needs and wants on the topic of stainless steel.

>> Individual seminars

Only long-standing H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG employees are engaged as instructors, who will be able to apply their technical know-how and everyday experience from the various manufacturing areas.

The individual focus topics will be discussed in short, theoretical presentations and then illustrated in practice with reference to current production. The intensive interchange within the small group of a maximum of 15 participants and the discussion of individual problems are an essential component of the practical teaching style.

This is how practical expertise is passed on in a lively way!

Meike Schmidt
BUTTING Akademie