Our Whistleblowing-System is an important tool. Hereby we want to encourage employees, customers, suppliers and partners, as well as the public, to report any violations of applicable laws, regulations or internal guidelines. We are convinced that every individual can contribute to maintaining a responsible corporate culture based on our values.

The Whistleblowing-System provides you with a confidential and secure platform where you can share your concerns or information with us. Whether it is a case of corruption, fraud, discrimination, workplace safety violations or other ethics violations, we take all whistleblower reports seriously and conduct a full investigation.

Protecting your identity is of paramount importance to us. We want to ensure that you can share your concerns without fear of retaliation or some form of personal disadvantage. 
For this you can contact our compliance officer Hagen Lindenschmidt. 

Send an email to compliance@butting.de.
Or write to Hagen Lindenschmidt at H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG, Gifhorner Strasse 59 in 29379 Knesebeck, Germany. This way we can guarantee your anonymity. Please note that the Whistleblowing-System is not intended for general enquiries or feedback. Our regular communication channels are available to you for such concerns. The Whistleblowing-System is intended exclusively for reporting possible violations.

We are grateful for your commitment and support in maintaining responsible corporate governance. Together we can ensure that BUTTING puts its values and principles into practice in every business activity.

Many thanks for your cooperation!

Hagen Lindenschmidt
Compliance Officer