Hermann Butting: Lived values

Hermann Butting, born in 1964, has been married to Heike since 1989 and has three children. He has been the responsible Managing Partner of the BUTTING Group since 2000.

As sole partner, he is the seventh generation to lead the family business. "A family achievement to preserve the flexibility and vigour of the company. My mother and my siblings gave up their compulsory portion for me and my cousins sold me their minority share. So capital and responsibility are in the same hands," explains Hermann Butting.

Born in Knesebeck, the technologically savvy graduate in business administration took an additional course as a trained welding engineer, after gaining professional experience in other companies. Hermann Butting's opinion is that solid specialist skills, but also embodying values in real life, and one's character are crucial for lasting success in a leadership post, and for good cooperation.

Story: Lena in lockdown

Lena was recently entrusted with a management task for the first time in her career and now leads a small team in market and order processing. In 2020, she already has to deal with her first crisis: Corona! Read how Lena fared in the process.

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Hermann Butting publishes book

No, this is neither about the BUTTING book nor the BUTTING Clad Book. Under the title "Pipeline zum Leben: Ein Unternehmer entdeckt die Bergpredigt" [Pipeline to Life: An Entrepreneur Discovers the Sermon on the Mount], Hermann Butting, President and Sole partner of BUTTING, has published his first personal book, which was published in German on 1 January 2020 by Fontis Verlag.

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What distinguishes the people who feel worthy? Partly their readiness to make themselves vulnerable. These people have “fully embraced” and accepted vulnerability. They believe that what makes them vulnerable also makes them beautiful and unique. These people regard vulnerability as neither pleasant nor terrible, but as necessary.

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"How strong is the self-confidence of us Germans or of citizens of other states in the western world, which is seen as a place of refuge by many people these days? Are we clear about our identity? Are we self-confident about the values and culture that we wish to live by in our country?"

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"At BUTTING we think in generations. We want to hand over a healthy company to the next generation. I can say without exaggeration that sustainability is firmly established in our corporate philosophy. We have attempted to convey this attitude with our slogan 'Progress by Tradition – For our customers and our staff, for this and the next generation'."

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"Who am I? Why am I doing what I'm doing? What does the future mean for me? Have I a model in life? Which dreams keep coming back to me? What gets me really involved? What would I like to change? What would I want as my legacy?
...This year I'm going to be 50, and have taken this as the occasion for a two-week retreat in a forest hut, in order to ask myself these and other questions."

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Change through crises

"Neither we as a company, nor any individual among us will be able to foresee or even prepare for every single change. But I wish that all of us, both personally and as a company, will succeed in creating a stable base from which we can cope with the very wide variety of changes. This will be easy if the wave of success carries us forward into the changes. It will be difficult if we lose our bearings, because 'the wheel breaks', as happened to the Butting family during our escape to Knesebeck."

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"I think it is important to deliberately do things like this again and again – whether we are in crisis or boom times. Go out and consciously search out and examine things we can be grateful for. Because gratitude leads to inner contentment."

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"We began our management meeting by acknowledging that BUTTING's own key figures and the general indicators of a crisis all show that the firm has been caught up in the economic crisis. We then broke into small groups to discuss what it means for BUTTING and for us as managers to practice the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, Justice, Wisdom, Courage and Moderation in our working lives as managers, and what happens if we ignore these virtues."

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