BUTTING – The many faces of success

BUTTING is a 7th generation family-owned enterprise which has grown constantly more than 240 years. With our cooperation, based on the skill of our staff, challenging projects for renowned customers from a multitude of industries all over the world are realized today.

With the variety and individuality of our manufactured products, the competency of our employees in all departments is demanded anew every day, and consequently we invest into their individual advanced vocational training - i. e. by internal further education or specific activities of the BUTTING Akademie, founded in 2004.

Secure long term employment is rare today. For this reason we are very proud of the number of our employees who can look back to an employment period at BUTTING spanning decades. Some of our employees are third generation in succession at BUTTING. In this working atmosphere, our slogan grows:

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Silke Fütterer
Human Resources, Recruiting

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