Knowledge – bundled and to the point

Our long-standing experience is shown today in our welding technology and our quality assurance system. At the same time, we regard forming and materials technology as "our" disciplines, since we have been collecting, bundling and boiling down our knowledge through the generations.

As always, the corrosion resistant pipe serves as the primary product for the production of special pipes and components ready for installation, prefabricated pipelines / spools and welded constructions. BUTTING is seen as a solution provider for products with special surfaces, tolerances, forms and geometries. Our portfolio is completed by our expertise in metal cutting and laser processing. On this basis, we were able to bring products to maturity, also in partnership with customers.

Preserving and expanding knowledge is both a task and an obligation. That is why BUTTING continuously invests in training and developing the staff at all our locations. Alongside commercial and occupational safety training sessions, training courses on welding and on testing procedures are a matter of course.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Thomas Schüller
Managing Director BUTTING in Knesebeck