Why "good leadership" is important to us

Our customers expect top quality, compliance with specifications and deadlines as well as enhancement or customisation of products for the worldwide use of our product solutions.

More than 1 700 employees expect clear guidance, good working conditions and secure jobs from us.

It is our task to meet these requirements in equal measure. And we are delighted to tackle this challenge together with our 130 managers. Managing BUTTING employees in an appreciative manner is a particular concern of ours. Our management principles provide a common direction for our actions:

  • We make decisions and give our employees guidance for their actions (giving guidance)
  • We are a role model for our employees. We reflect on ourselves and obtain feedback from others (managing ourselves)
  • We encourage and challenge our employees so that performance and motivation are strengthened (managing employees)
  • We communicate openly, respectfully and constructively (communicating well)
  • In our actions, we take into account the needs of our area as well as internal and external customer requirements (meeting customer requirements)
  • We are consistent. We check and control the results in our area of responsibility (ensuring results)


BUTTING – Progress by Tradition