BUTTING Einkauf (purchasing company) is our central purchasing department for certain product groups within the BUTTING Group. Thus, all purchasing decisions for investments and indirect product groups, such as operating supplies and consumables, come together in BUTTING Einkauf.

The aim is to efficiently bundle the different needs of the individual partner companies via this interface. This is the only way to increasingly realise globally oriented purchasing in times of digitalisation.  

The purchase of raw materials, such as coils and plates, is carried out directly by the procurement teams at our locations. 

BUTTING – more than pipes – for a better quality of life

BUTTING Einkaufsgesellschaft mbH
Gifhorner Straße 46
29379 Knesebeck
Managing Directores: Hermann Butting, Sebastian Ballendat

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Sebastian Ballendat
Managing Director BUTTING Einkaufsgesellschaft
+ 49 5834 50-7368