BUTTING in Canada

Within the BUTTING Group, BUTTING Canada is regarded as the connecting link to the North American market. BUTTING Canada's motto is to be a professional partner to its customers from a number of sectors by providing profound manufacturing expertise and the BUTTING know-how. BUTTING Canada supplies our North American customers with prefabricated components manufactured in our plants in Germany and China.

For our customers in North and South America, as well as in Asia we have a store of pipes in duplex and superduplex materials. The sizes range from 2" to 30" in diameter and wall thicknesses of Sch 10S, Sch 40S and Sch 80S.

BUTTING – more than pipes – for a better quality of life


Butting Canada Ltd.
#114, 280 Midpark Way S.E.
Calgary, AB   T2X 1J6
Managing Directors: Hermann Butting, Markus Hahn

Markus Hahn
Managing Director BUTTING Canada
Peter Howard
Sales BUTTING Canada
+1 403 860-1706