BUTTING Akademie

The BUTTING Akademie was founded by Hermann Butting in 2004 in order to support value-based further personal development of people and organizations in the region. The Tagungshaus Burg Knesebeck, which was opened in 2009 makes an important contribution by its inspiring atmosphere.

The current range of services of the BUTTING Akademie includes the following three areas:

  • Personnel and organizational development for companies and staff in the form of tailored training units, seminars, councelling services
  • Further education for private persons, day-nurseries and schools
  • The Burg Knesebeck (Knesebeck Castle), the special venue for conferences, is available to both the BUTTING Group and other companies

There is a broad range of topics to suit the customers' different profiles: from experimenting workshops for child-care specialists in day-nurseries and strategy development of an engineering company in the automotive industry right through to advice and assistance for students (supported by BUTTING) to obtain their qualifications as skilled employees and executives in different sectors.

Since 2007 the "BUTTING Hands-on Days" have been organized on a regular basis for people working in the stainless steel sector, during which tried and tested know-how all round the quality pipe is passed on.

BUTTING – more than pipes – for a better quality of life

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Marketing & communications
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