The BUTTING study sponsorship scheme

With this study sponsorship scheme BUTTING wishes to help young people to realize their vocational plans and thus meeting the ever increasing requirements of the industry. We offer 15 places in our programme, whereby at the same time securing our own need for junior staff members with good qualifications.

Our programme is aimed at future scholars and their upcoming bachelor or master studies in engineering, economics and Information Technology who can imagine to become part of the BUTTING team. It is possible to pursue the master studies directly after the bachelor studies, or at a later date after having gained some practical experience. The admission prerequisites are dependent on the specific requirements of the universities or technical colleges.

In accordance with the supervision of the studies regular network meetings take place in order to enable the students to meet other students and exchange views or to learn about other graduate programmes. Furthermore, discussions during the semester and reflections on the past semester will help plan the upcoming semester.

We would be pleased to present to you in more detail the programme of the BUTTING study sponsorship scheme and its admission prerequisites in a personal discussion and answer any question you may have.

Take the initiative and contact us!

Our BUTTING study sponsorship scheme at a glance:

  • Support of bachelor and master studies in engineering, economics and Information Technology
  • Possibility of internships, working abroad, project work and completion of dissertations at BUTTING
  • Regular programme for further education by seminars, workshops and specialist lectures on many different topics
  • Support and assistance by tutors and coaches
  • Contact with the Management and experienced staff of the company
  • Direct career- start

Please meet our scholarship holders and convince it yourself!

Meike Schmidt
BUTTING Akademie