A strong partner for the region and the environment

BUTTING is aware of the holistic responsibility for its entrepreneurial activities. That is why optimum protection of the environment and the responsible use of energy resources are key components of our understanding of sustainability. For this reason, the "Food & Energy Knesebeck" project is now reaching the home straight together with SUNfarming GmbH in Knesebeck.

The project site is located opposite the BUTTING headquarters in Knesebeck. The aim of this investment is to develop the location in a future-oriented way for the production of sustainable solar energy and the production of regional food. To this end, vegetables, fruit or flowers are to be grown in specially developed agro-solar Food & Energy greenhouses and marketed regionally.

At the same time, the greenhouse roofs will be used to generate energy from solar energy (photovoltaics). The "green" electricity generated is collected by BUTTING on site. Hermann Butting, President of the BUTTING Group, is satisfied: "In the future, BUTTING will be able to use the solar power that is generated on site and in doing so, we are sustainably promoting the reduction of CO2. Furthermore, by means of this strategy, we are contributing to a future-oriented food supply in the region. Next summer, for example, our employees could also secure regional supplies of cucumbers, tomatoes and courgettes from the project."

As a third major planning objective, the SUNfarming Food & Energy concept incorporates an integration and qualification programme for people from crisis areas, for the long-term unemployed or for people with disabilities. The programme is designed to provide an opportunity to learn the basics of greenhouse management, especially the planning of vegetable and fruit varieties, water supply, light incidence (photosynthesis) and technical infrastructure. The aim is to provide people with the skills they need to enter the primary labour market more easily by imparting specialist knowledge, consolidating language skills and social skills.


BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Photo Ralf Köllner
Ralf Köllner
Energy Management Officer