Integration Workshop summer party

On 2 July, the Integration Workshop hosted a summer party. Since 2018, the BUTTING Akademie has been running the Integration Workshop Nordkreis Gifhorn district.

In bright sunshine, the visitors at this year's summer party got an insight into the wide range of services offered by the Integration Workshop in Knesebeck. Many families took advantage of the occasion to enjoy a day out and to explore various workshops, including a demonstration of how to build and plant a raised bed. Visitors also had the opportunity to smell herbs such as the Australian lemon leaf plant. Children and young people enjoyed an exciting rally, which pulled out all the stops. In addition, the sewing workshop showed the kind of fantastic products that can be made by upcycling things like an old bike inner tube! And the wooden Christmas decorations found their first takers in exchange for a donation. 

To the strains of the "tempus fugit" musical ensemble, visitors enjoyed culinary delights from all over the world: Ahmed Qeshta, an instructor at the Integration Workshop, prepared the ever popular falafel. Participants had also prepared specialities from their home countries for the buffet – including Syrian spinach fatayer and thyme-flavoured kubba – which were all heartily enjoyed by the visitors.

One visitor to the party was clearly delighted to tell us: "I've met a very friendly and welcoming community at the BUTTING Akademie Integration Workshop. This team and the participants show what matters most in life: appreciation, empathy, recognising strengths and alleviating weaknesses." The Integration Workshop is a non-profit project in which refugees and long-term unemployed locals support social projects throughout the Gifhorn district. Through meaningful work, the BUTTING Akademie endeavours to prepare the participants for the regular labour market. The project is fully financed by the Gifhorn Job Centre.

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