Christmas donation to the Hankensbüttel Grammar School rowing club

For BUTTING, living social responsibility means, among other things, getting involved in the region in a variety of ways. Against this background, the family-owned company from Knesebeck again decided against Christmas presents for its customers this year. Instead, the Hankensbüttel Grammar School rowing club (RVGH) was given financial support to construct new sanitary facilities with a youth fitness area.

The only local rowing club has big plans: in order to be fit for the future and remain attractive, the RVGH would like to expand its training options at a central point. Heiko Ernst, Vice-Chair of the RVGH, explains: "The new building is to have new sanitary facilities and a fitness room that can be used by all club members at any time during training – both in the summer and the winter months." Accessibility should also be ensured as part of the new construction.

Hermann Butting is convinced by the project and pledged financial support of more than 46 000 euros. He adds: "We see ourselves as a family company with a large family of employees. The well-being of the individual and the region are very important to us. Everyone who wants to fulfil their potential should be able to do so.” That is why supporting the club's work for children and young people is an affair of the heart for BUTTING. The young people experience community there, learn to take responsibility and do something for their health. In addition, we are making an important contribution to improving the range of leisure activities for our employees and increasing the attractiveness of the Knesebeck region."

"Thanks to generous support from BUTTING, we can offer our young members significantly improved prospects for regular training in winter as well. In this way we create opportunities for young rowers to develop their sporting talents, even in our rural area," says Heiko Ernst. "Training together throughout the year creates closer social contacts and contributes to the positive development of young people."

The rowing club has its boathouse on the nearby Elbe Side Canal (at km 39.7) in the Gifhorn district near the BUTTING headquarters. The club was founded in 1975 and currently has 200 members. The focus of the club's activity is on recreational sport and rowing. The boathouse with its ideal practice area is often enjoyed by rowers as a training camp. Child and youth work in the club is very important.

The Butting family has been associated with the rowing club in the Isenhagen Land for a long time. Dr. Hannshermann Butting was a passionate rower and member of the club. And Hermann Butting has also been a member of the club since his time at the Grammar School.


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