BUTTING makes a donation for the construction of a local hospice

A hospice is characterised by a family-like atmosphere that provides warmth, security and safety. In this way, BUTTING aims to improve the quality of life in the region. Hermann Butting personally donated 100,000 euros for the new hospice building.

The time has finally arrived – on 18 November, the new hospice in Gifhorn will celebrate its topping-out ceremony! But a hospice is more than just a building; it represents an attitude. It needs to have a family-like atmosphere that provides warmth, security and safety to the residents. To achieve this, competent professional palliative medical and nursing care at the highest level is absolutely essential. BUTTING is aware of the importance of end-of-life care, and in this way it aims to improve the quality of life for its employees, their relatives and the people in our region as a whole. That is why BUTTING is supporting the construction of a new hospice in Gifhorn. Hermann Butting personally donated the sum of 100,000 euros. 

When the cheque was officially presented, Heike and Hermann Butting were able to see for themselves how the construction of the new building was progressing. They were particularly impressed by the goals of the project, which were reflected in the construction work carried out: In the future, the Hospice Foundation (Hospiz-Stiftung), the Hospice Association Gifhorn e.V. (Hospiz-Verein Gifhorn e.V.) and the Palliative Network Gifhorn e.V. (Palliativnetz Gifhorn e.V.) will resume their commitment to the general public under one roof here in the district capital. This will provide a central point of contact for all those in need of hospice care.  

Alexander Michel, Chairman of the Hospice Foundation, explained during the site visit: "When completed next year, the three-story building will offer 1,900 square metres of usable space on the 3,200-square-metre site. Our hospice will have twelve guest and family rooms as well as various training, lounge and function rooms." The strategy of focusing on commissioning regional craftsmen has paid off, adds Alexander Michel, because "the backlog in the various trades has been reduced thanks to excellent cooperation and intensive consultation."

"The hospice in Gifhorn will combine palliative medical care with other therapeutic services and pastoral care. I can already imagine that it will be a place where guests and their families feel at home," says Hermann Butting with conviction. "By making our donation, we are enabling many people – not just our employees – to spend the last phase of their lives in an appreciative and familiar atmosphere ... BUTTING also sees this as part of an improved quality of life."


BUTTING – more than pipes – for a better quality of life