Improved quality of life with a forest kindergarten

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, a breeze is blowing through the trees – and in the midst of this rural idyll, small children are playing: swinging in hammocks, digging in the sand or looking for insects. This is not just a childcare fantasy, this is everyday life at the forest kindergarten "Die Kienäppel" in the district of Gifhorn, which is funded by BUTTING.

The forest kindergarten is run by a non-profit association founded 3 years ago by Julia Rediske and Jasmin Hoffmann. As qualified Social Educators, they run this forest and nature group together. Offering a nature-focused kindergarten based on needs-oriented educational theory in the region is a cause close to their hearts. "We are outside with the children in almost any weather, and in exceptional cases we can use our converted construction trailer. From our point of view, free play is the most important thing for preschool children, because it develops a wide range of skills," says Julia Rediske. For example, the children make pictures out of sticks or count pine cones to divide them up fairly. Jasmin Hoffmann adds: "Our aim is for the children to get to know themselves, to learn about their limits and needs, to feel themselves in the midst of nature and other children."

Hermann Butting, President of the BUTTING Group, is convinced by the concept: "I think it is important for children to regain a connection to nature. In this kindergarten, they learn to value creation and to build a bond with nature and other living beings. This means that the children then have a different attitude to our environment later in life. For me, that is sustainability in action."

He adds: "Through our involvement, we can promote children's health and increase their environmental sensibility, while building a strong sense of community. These are the skills we want for our future employees and our society."

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