Encouragement by BUTTING: School for courageous, responsible and self-reflective personalities

As an independent family business, BUTTING's mission statement includes making a valuable contribution to the standard of living of its employees and their families. That's why we are actively involved in a variety of ways in the regions where our sites are located – for example, by championing Neue-Auetal-Schule in Lüder near Knesebeck.

The Montessori primary school was founded under the independent sponsorship of Kult-Ur-Dorf e.V., whose objective is to support and promote life in rural areas. The primary school with some obligatory afternoon classes follows the current Lower Saxony core curriculum so that pupils can attend any secondary school after the fourth grade. The children study in mixed age groups (grades 1 to 4) and are considered and encouraged as individuals. Each child follows their very own learning path – without grades, but with individual feedback on performance. In this way the children are supported on their way to discover themselves, to accept their own strengths and weaknesses and to take good care of themselves, in terms of both freedom and discipline.

Hermann Butting is convinced that "in our region, going forward we will not only need people who function well in our achievement-oriented society. In order to ensure the quality of life and future viability in our region, we need personalities who are courageous, responsible, self-reflective and creative and who are therefore able to act with entrepreneurial spirit and take responsibility for their actions." Hermann Butting hopes that Neue-Auetal-Schule in Lüder will follow the approach of discovering and promoting this potential and creating a space for holistic learning, which is why he has committed to supporting the school financially for three years. "For the employees of BUTTING and also future professionals and executives, the Neue-Auetal-Schule in Lüder is an enrichment of the educational opportunities for our children and thus increases the attractiveness of our region as a place to live and work," says Hermann Butting.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

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