Apprenticeship in Knesebeck

In our main plant in Knesebeck young people at the beginning of their working lives have numerous opportunities. In total we offer ten different apprenticeship fields, thus offering a broad range of attractive professions in both technical and commercial sectors.

Technical apprenticeships for the following professions:

  • Systems mechanic
  • Electronic engineer
  • IT specialist
  • Technical product designer
  • Material tester
  • Cutting machine operator
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Machine and plant operator

Commercial apprenticeships for the following professions:

  • Dual Bachelor course in industrial sales and technical studies
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Industrial management assistant
  • Study in practice business informatics

Take the initiative and apply for an apprenticeship at BUTTING in Knesebeck. Here you can find our checklist.

Further information on the subject of training and education at BUTTING can be found in our relevant brochure.

Team week

The team week is an introductory event at the start of your apprenticeship. It makes it possible for you to get to know the other apprentices and to have a first impression of the company during a company rallye and a works tour.

Apprenticeship workshop

At BUTTING all apprentices, whether in the commercial or technical field, must gain practical experience in the handling of stainless steels. Already in your first year you will learn how to weld, file, bore and turn.

Internships abroad

Some of our apprentices take the opportunity during their apprenticeship to do an internship of several weeks outside Germany. Thus they are able to acquire experience abroad and become familiar with the operations in other companies. This is how our apprentices could get a "whiff" of companies, for example, in Austria, Spain or Denmark.


We are regularly in contact with the regional comprehensive schools, vocational schools and other training companies. Since the end of 2003, we are having a very close relationship to the "Europaschule" in Wesendorf. Many projects have been realized ever since together with the students in the project workshop at BUTTING, e.g. the production of benches or basket ball hoops for the schoolyard.

Intensive preparation for upcoming examinations

With special training units within the company we offer you an intensive preparation for the exams. You work independently to acquire the necessary knowledge in the various fields but also with mutual support. In case of queries or problems, our teachers are at your disposal.

Training success

The quality of our training is reflected by the good performance of our apprentices. During a welding competition held every two years by the Deutscher Verband für Schweißtechnik (German Welding Association) under the motto "Jugend schweißt" (Youth for welding) our apprentices, together with apprentices from other companies, can demonstrate their welding skills. We are proud that they can qualify regularly for the participation at regional, provincial and national level .Over-average performances are highly valued at BUTTING. In recognizing this, the best of a year get a bonus at the end of their apprenticeship. Also we offer all interested successful apprentices a 6 months fixed-term contract to start with.

Further training

As an internationally operating company with a high demand on quality of our products we are dependent on the excellent performance of our staff. Besides solid training we therefore set a high value on further education and invest in this. If someone is committed and willing to perform can achieve a great deal at BUTTING in a short time: for example there are material testers who now work in sales and conclude contracts with customers all over the world, or systems mechanics who have worked on installation sites repeatedly after their successful apprenticeship and who, already in their mid-twenties, have become foremen and have full responsibility for the works on site.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

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Commercial apprenticeship
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Technical apprenticeship
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