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Award for safety at work  
For the first time, BUTTING has won a bonus from a customer for outstanding achievements in the area of safety at work: on 21 February, INPEX gave us an award for safety at work in the “Ichthys LNG  
BUTTING New Era in the Middle East Market  
Over the past years, BUTTING has taken a dynamic approach to its expansion in its overseas markets. In a continuation of this strategy and to strengthen its position in an existing market BUTTING is  
…arbon steel pipe Glue Glue bonded mechanically lined pipe – the GluBi® pipe Mechanically lined pipes – the BuBi® pipe Glue bonded mechanically lined pipes – the GluBi® pipe At the beginning of the nineties we…  
… resistance, strength and cost-­ effectiveness, we offer you three options: our mechanically lined BuBi® pipes (sizes 4" up to 28"), our glue bonded mechani­ cally lined GluBi® pipes (sizes 6" up to 18") and…  
… in one piece, bigger vessels are produced 15 mm up to 2032 mm 80” and wall thick- our mechanically lined BuBi® pipes (sizes in multiple parts. nesses up to 70 mm. 4“ up to 28“), our glued mechanically Spools…  
BUTTING: New sales office in the desert city of Dubai  
For several years now the United Arab Emirates has served BUTTING as the main hub for its business activities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. As part of BUTTING’s continued success  
Centrepiece of the 2nd BuBi® production line up and running  
BUTTING produces both metallurgically clad and mechanically lined pipes. To ensure that our customers can continue to benefit from this advantage as demand grows, BUTTING is doubling its production  
Clad pipes  
… >>>  Mechanically lined pipes – BuBi® pipe >>>  Clad spools ready for installation >>> Glued mechanically lined pipes – GluBi® pipe >>>  Metallurgically…  
Clad pipes for Brazil  
BUTTING has been processing clad materials into pipes and piping components for more than thirty years. Now we can bring all of our experience to a South American project. This summer BUTTING  
Delivery of Ichthys and Julimar  
… of Australia: BUTTING is playing a vital role in the Ichthys project by supplying around 75 km of BuBi® pipes. In addition, 35 km of mechanically lined pipes were produced for the Julimar project, to the…  
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