Award for safety at work

For the first time, BUTTING has won a bonus from a customer for outstanding achievements in the area of safety at work: on 21 February, INPEX gave us an award for safety at work in the “Ichthys LNG Project”.

Ichthys is a project of superlatives: the largest semi-submersible platform in the world is being constructed for this project. BUTTING is playing a major role by supplying around 75 km of BuBi® pipes. In addition, the range of products to be delivered involves 8.5 km of metallurgically clad pipes in size 323.9 x (14.3 + 3.0) mm and duplex pipes (UNS S31803) of various sizes.

When giving the order, the consortium led by the Japanese company, INPEX, placed great emphasis on the safety of employees at the selected suppliers. So our customer invited tenders for a health and safety at work bonus programme. All the main and sub-contractors were invited to take part. The programme, up to now unique in BUTTING’s experience, serves to improve behaviour-based safety at work and sensitise employees to dangers. Milestones and potential bonus payments depend on production taking place without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).

BUTTING has reached the first milestone in production without any LTIs. As a result we received the award, a bonus of EUR 8 000. The sum may only be used for investments to improve health and safety at work and at the workplace. BUTTING will use the award to introduce long-term measures to improve health and safety at work, for example for the purchase of additional welding masks with extraction facilities for the MAG welders in BuBi production.

The management at BUTTING give the highest priority to health and safety at work. For several years now we have had certification under BS OHSAS 18001. Thomas Schüller, Managing Director of BUTTING in Knesebeck, explains: “We rate health and safety at work very highly indeed and are completely convinced that only by setting and complying with demanding standards in this area will we secure our market position as a quality leader, and thus our corporate success, in the long run.”

Helge Manzke, the health and safety at work specialist at BUTTING, adds: “With this programme - which differs from the established norms and standards - INPEX and BUTTING have established a strong partnership to help demonstrate the great importance of safety at work in the project. Thereby it is actively communicating its understanding and its concept of safety at work to other companies.”

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