Tablets for BUTTING trainees

Performing some quick on-line research or saving notes on a smartphone have become every-day tasks for many. Digital communication is also commonplace in schools. BUTTING sees a great deal of potential in such practices and this year is equipping its trainees with tablet computers during the first year of their training in a pilot project at the main factory in Knesebeck.

Digital support for training at BUTTING has been in planning for some time now. The decisive nudge came this year. Initial internal concept meetings were followed by interaction with the responsible occupational schools. It became clear that the school system is modernising. Both distance learning and the use of tablets are becoming an integral part of everyday school life. BUTTING also advocates the development of digital study and is supporting its apprentices during the first year of their training by issuing a total of 35 tablets. "This offers a great deal of potential! The trainees can use a digital version of their school books and profit from interactive learning. In the classroom they can save images from the whiteboard, share the results of their work and use their study materials optimally to prepare for tests. More and more apps are available as learning aids. For Generation "Z", meaning the youth and young adults born around the turn of the millennium, the use of digital media to obtain information has already become a matter of course. The trainees have grown up with these new technological developments and that is precisely where we want to start", explained Carsten Kamke, Director for commercial training.

BUTTING places great value on supporting and developing its staff and invests continuously in their training. Both trainees and teachers are delighted by these new perspectives in the learning process. After a nine-month trial period, BUTTING will decide whether to extend the project to include subsequent training years. Inclusion in the corporate infrastructure is not planned initially, even though, here as well, we will continue to share our experience and develop new digital concepts. 

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