Caps in the air: honouring winter graduates at BUTTING

BUTTING places great emphasis on esteem – the family-owned company honours its graduates twice a year. 15 trainees from four different training occupations successfully completed their apprenticeships at BUTTING last winter. And they celebrated in style.

Justin Dethloff, Alexander Dimmler, Jannis Ebert, Pascal Ehne, Lukas Gillich, Samir Iskandarov, Nicklas Köther, Uwe Mai, Tobias Ortner, Leo Pfund (all systems mechanics), Jonathan Bock, Melissa Wesner (both industrial mechanics), Simon Kamke (technical product designer), Dennis Dreyer-Winkelmann and Björn Riechel (both precision mechanics) are happy to have successfully completed their training.

Hagen Lindenschmidt, Head of Controlling and finance at BUTTING in Knesebeck, welcomed the graduates and recounted his personal BUTTING journey, which began here more than 30 years ago as an apprentice industrial clerk: "BUTTING offers you, too, a range of development opportunities. Make sure you take advantage of them!" 

The trainers shared stories and anecdotes from the recently completed apprenticeships and presented the certificates to the graduates. In addition, each of the trainees received an individualised collage of pictures to remind them of their apprenticeship.

Carsten Kamke, who is in charge of commercial and technical training at BUTTING, stressed that "a great combination of theory and practice is crucial for a successful vocational qualification. You have once again proven to us, dear graduates, that our long-standing co-operation with the vocational schools works very well."

After the youth and trainee representatives of the Works Council officially ended the ceremony, the afternoon was concluded with light refreshments and cool drinks. And then the graduates, and their caps, were on their way. But not for long, as they're about to embark on a new adventure – as trained employees at BUTTING.

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