Apprenticeships in Schwedt / Oder

BUTTING is not only located in Knesebeck: The production of vessels is provided, for example, at BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt / Oder - our expert unit for vessels, tanks and apparatus, pipelines, installations on site and industrial service. Also at this location we offer interested job starters the possibility to apply for an apprenticeship and to choose from a good number of attractive professions in the technical sectors.

Technical apprenticeship for the following professions (closing date for applications 28th February):

Take the initiative and apply for an apprenticeship at BUTTING in Schwedt / Oder. To help with your successful application, please refer to our checklist for applications.

More information on the subject of training and education at BUTTING can be found in our relevant brochure.

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Thomas Gessner
Apprenticeship in Schwedt
Katrin Wangerin
Apprenticeship in Schwedt