Information on publication

In the framework of current press releases we are pleased to make available to you the press photos contained in our gallery, free of charge. The condition precedent for this is that reference is made to BUTTING and our website near the used photos (quoting the specific URL of the photo in question) as source in the usual manner.

You are only allowed to process the photos if this is technically necessary for a specific publication (e.g. black and white instead of coloured in case of a non-coloured newspaper) and/or if you only change the proportions of the photo and not use it as an extract or stretch it, compress it or change and deform it in any way possible.  

Any other processing or use is only allowed upon prior written consent by the central communication department of BUTTING.

Immediately after each publication in print media you must send us a specimen copy free of charge and, in case of films, a digital version in a format playable on a general machine-readable data carrier. In case of online use of the photos you must inform us on the specific URL of the relevant website and let us have access to this website.