Zohr Project: Major order from the oil and gas industry

BUTTING recently received a major order from the oil and gas industry: Sumitomo Corporation of Tokyo commissioned BUTTING to supply a total of more than 60 km of metallurgically clad pipes for the Zohr project; which is the largest project for Gas production in the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, the German family business underlines its world market position as one of the leading producers of clad pipes.

BUTTING has already supplied metallurgically clad pipes in 12-m lengths along with additional extra quantities for Zohr project. The order now received encompasses the production of metallurgically clad pipes of L450 MOS or L450 QOS material with contact material UNS N06625 for Zohr project. In the process, requirements in accordance with API 5LD and other project-specific demands have to be implemented. Cord Lütkemüller; Sales Line pipes and clad pipes, makes clear: “We were able to promise the customer to comply with even stricter requirements in the corrosion tests, in close cooperation with the raw material supplier.” Deliveries of the metallurgically clad steel plates for the pipes with various inner diameters ranging from 307.94 to 314.8 mm will begin from November. “We intend to deliver the pipes in agreed batches from the end of February until September 2018”, says Cord Lütkemüller.

The family business has been producing metallurgically clad stainless steel pipes for renowned customers worldwide in different material combinations since the mid-1980s. Today BUTTING is one of the world’s leading producers of metallurgically clad pipes. For these pipes, the layers of metal are connected firmly to each other metallurgically by a diffusion bridge. Depending on the area of use and the requirements imposed on the material, metallurgically clad pipes are employed as SCR, riser, process and line pipes, for example.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition