Vessel shipping: Environmentally friendly logistics solutions

Packaging and shipping have always been part of comprehensive quality assurance. BUTTING's objective is to ship your products safely, quickly, without damage and by environmentally friendly means to any destination around the globe. For example, we were recently able to demonstrate our logistical skills by meeting our customer's requirements for the shipment of a vessel via inland waterways.

A PVC manufacturer in France commissioned BUTTING in Knesebeck to produce a vessel that was to be used as a resaturator during the evaporation process. The vessel had the enormous dimensions of 9.50 x 4.80 x 4.52 metres (L x W x H). The vessel was to be shipped west at the start of this year.

Our customer expected a logistical solution that was not only economical but also environmentally friendly. Arne Schramm, Head of Dispatch, explains that "including the packaging, the shipped goods were 4.85 metres high. Continuous transport by road would have been very complex, expensive and time-consuming and so it was particularly important to consider the intelligent linking of modes of transport in this case. The vessel was transported from Knesebeck to the port of Wittingen by heavy goods vehicle. There, the cargo was reloaded onto a river boat, which took the freight for our customer all the way to France. Transport in the last section involved a heavy goods vehicle again.

"Our customer was pleased with this combination, both in terms of the economic savings potential and the positive environmental impact. In this way, we were able to relieve the pressure on the roads and motorways and reduce noise pollution for the general public. This is a contribution – albeit a small one – to environmental protection in the sense of progress for this and the next generation," Arne Schramm concludes positively.

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