Training for specialists and managers: Next courses launched

“We are a well-trained, international staff family, yet we see ourselves as learning every day.” This extract from BUTTING’s mission statement makes clear how important continuing support and training are for our staff. This is intended to enable every single one of our colleagues to make the greatest possible contribution to BUTTING’s top-quality performance – whether as a qualified specialist or as a competent manager.

With our BIT (BUTTING Internal Training), BUTTING has created a programme that is intended to strengthen and in the medium term, to enhance our young specialists and BUTTING managers through two different series of modules. Whereas at level 1, mainly social and method skills are developed in four modules, at level 2 theoretical and practical tools of the trade are provided, on the subject of "Managing staff". The series of training sessions extends over a period of 12-16 months.

BUTTING has already been offering this sort of further training for more than ten years. So BIT further develops the previous NFT, SFT and BFT series, which played a crucial part in the professional careers of many of today's managers at BUTTING. The focus of all previous programmes and of BIT is on staying close to real-life practice, and on relating the contents taught specifically to BUTTING, in order to qualify participants optimally for the requirements of everyday work at BUTTING.

Another benefit of the programme is the formation of networks. The cooperation of staff from a wide variety of departments creates valuable cross-departmental contacts based on openness and trust. This offers equal benefits to the individuals and the company. Holding the events in Knesebeck Castle also provided participants with an inspiring training venue that offered peace and quiet and the chance of reflection.

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