Training ambassadors receive certificate

On 21 June, the presentation of the certificates to our IHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) training ambassadors took place in the guest canteen. The apprentices Kristian Weis (plant mechanic) and Lauren Felgendreher (materials tester) were officially honoured by the IHK for their commitment as training ambassadors at BUTTING. Stefan Nees (IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg) handed over the certificates.

In September 2018, Lauren Felgendreher and Kristian Weis – both are in the second year of their apprenticeship – attended a two-day seminar at the IHK in Celle and from then on have been travelling training ambassadors. In mainstream schools they gave the pupils an impression of their work and their tasks at BUTTING. In this way, they were able to offer the students a career perspective and give them more security for starting their careers. They informed the young people about what they had experienced during their training and described their path towards professional careers. Above and beyond their own activities, they gave an overview of the variety of alternative training opportunities.

BUTTING has been sending training ambassadors to schools since 2016. Carsten Kamke, in charge of commercial and technical training at BUTTING, says: "We are pleased that this programme, in collaboration with the IHK, has been so well received by our apprentices and the schools. In this way we support the direct entry of school leavers into vocational training. At the same time, our apprentices have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and reinforce their personal skills."


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