Together everything is possible

"We can't make it in time. We don't have enough capacity in house to process this order on schedule!". Are you familiar with this situation? Then you know how one of BUTTING's customers felt. But they found a solution.

Our customer has been buying longitudinally stainless steel welded pipes from BUTTING for many years. They use these for the production and assembly of pipelines and apparatus for the sulphuric acid, steel and non-ferrous industries. 
Due to the high demand for their services, they recently needed to look for support in the area of pipework and plant construction in order to be able to meet an end customer's desired delivery dates.

The partnership-based cooperation with BUTTING prompted them to tell us about their current challenges: A manifold and a sprinkler system had to be manufactured from material 1.4571 within just 10 weeks. Due to their current workload, this was beyond their capabilities.

Eduard Michel, Project Manager Spools and plant construction, recalls: "We were able to provide the necessary capacity at very short notice and were commissioned by our customer to produce weld constructions for the first time." As part of the production process, pipes had to be bent and welded, brackets of different lengths had to be attached and the weld construction had to be assembled based on the isometry, taking a slope into account. "In total, we supported our customer from our production area for more than 2,800 hours," reports Eduard Michel. "The inspection of the weld constructions confirmed our competence in welding and forming technology. We hope that we can continue to expand our partnership cooperation in the following years, and succeed together with our customers."

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