Surprising: Hermann Butting publishes book

No, this is neither about the BUTTING book nor the BUTTING Clad Book. Under the title "Pipeline zum Leben: Ein Unternehmer entdeckt die Bergpredigt" [Pipeline to Life: An Entrepreneur Discovers the Sermon on the Mount], Hermann Butting, President and Sole partner of BUTTING, has published his first personal book, which was published in German on 1 January 2020 by Fontis Verlag.

In recent years, the owner of the BUTTING Group has dealt intensively with the Sermon on the Mount and summarises the content of the book as follows: "With his speech on the mountain, Jesus left his posterity a very compact road map for his succession. In modern terms: a mission statement for the topic ‘succession’, supplemented by a few valuable suggestions. His speech starts with a management summary and even contains a vision statement. It ranges from the formulation of the mandate for his successor to the possible 'costs'. But above all it makes clear: 'You will be happy!’ “I know this happiness from personal experience. It is an inner joy. A joy of communion with God, gratitude for all that he has given to us and enthusiasm to experience his work." This book would like to invite its readers to enjoy this.

What can the Sermon on the Mount mean in your everyday professional and leadership life? In Mr. Butting's debut book you will find encouraging background and experience reports from Dr. Albrecht-Früh (former member of the Board of Directors), Dr. Holger Klose (lawyer and notary), Susanne Kunschert (entrepreneur), Marianne Schütze (Sales Director), Joachim Loh (entrepreneur), Niklas Stumpp (student), Dr. Hans Martin Weiffenbach (dentist) and Ursula Weiffenbach (family therapist).

Feel inspired to rethink your life and everyday actions from the perspective of the Sermon on the Mount. You can buy the book in German for 17.77 Euro incl. VAT in the BUTTING Fanshop. If you are interested, please send your order to:!

Here you will find more information about the book in German.


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