Successful start to 2018

In the first few months of 2018, BUTTING has already secured numerous orders for clad pipes and pipelines. Thus the German family business underlines its world market position as the leading producer of clad pipes.

For more than twenty years, BUTTING's mechanically clad BuBi® pipes have been used successfully for complex and sensitive applications in the oil and gas extracting industry, both onshore and offshore. As pipelines, riser or SCR pipes, they are used to transport highly corrosive media.

In the first half of the year, BUTTING was commissioned to produce 49 kilometres of BuBi® pipes. The nearly 8 000 tons of pipes in various dimensions are required for the Snorre project in Norway. In addition, more than 5 000 tonnes of BuBi® pipes have been ordered in the material combination DNV SMLS 450 SP / UNS 31603 mod. The 10" and 12" pipes are used for the Peregrino Phase 2 project in Brazil. In addition, a customer ordered mechanically clad pipes for the Norwegian Fenja project: 37 kilometres of BuBi® pipes in 12" OD 323.9 x (15.4 / 17.7 + 3.0) mm in material combination DNV SMLS 450 SFPDU / UNS 31603 mod. are being produced.

The family business has also been producing metallurgically clad pipes from plate for renowned customers worldwide since the mid-1980s. Depending on the area of use and the requirements imposed on the material, metallurgically clad pipes are employed as SCR, riser, process and conduit pipes, for example. BUTTING recently received the order from England to produce 9.5 km of metallurgically clad pipes with an outside diameter of 273.1 mm for the Alligin project. Butting has been commissioned to produce metallurgically clad pipes in size ID 364.43 x (18.0 + 3.0) mm for the Bakong Development project in Malaysia. We also received an order for about 3 000 tons of metallurgically clad pipes and elbows in various sizes for the ramp-up to plateau phase of the Egyptian Zohr project. In addition, more than 1 600 tonnes of metallurgically clad 12" and 16" diameter pipes in the material combination X65 MOS / UNS N06625 were ordered for the Three Gas PDMs at the Hasbah & Arbi Field project in Saudi Arabia.

Norbert Heinzle, BUTTING’s Managing Director in Knesebeck responsible for markets, was very pleased with the first six months: "With these orders we have successfully demonstrated our leading position in the clad area."

BUTTING has been processing clad materials into pipes and piping components for almost thirty years. BUTTING is the only pipe manufacturer in the world that produces both longitudinally welded, metallurgically clad pipes and mechanically clad pipes.

The use of clad pipes is recommended in all areas where major dynamic stress, high pressure and a high level of aggressiveness are to be found in the media transported. Renowned customers such as Statoil, ConocoPhillips, Shell, BP, ExxonMobil or Chevron use products of the family company.

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