Successes in the North Sea

For some months, oil and gas prices have been on a slow upward trend. Against this background, the investment volume for offshore projects in the North Sea has increased. BUTTING also benefits from this and was able to successfully gain orders for various projects in this region. At present, metallurgically clad, mechanically lined and corrosion-resistant pipes (CRA pipes) are produced in Knesebeck for this purpose.

BUTTING has been processing clad materials into pipes and piping components for more than thirty years. These are used by customers from the oil and gas industry worldwide – numerous projects in the North Sea will be supplied this year: For example, BUTTING is producing mechanically lined BuBi® pipes in various sizes for the Snorre project. In addition, BuBi® pipes were ordered for the North Sea projects Utgard, Bauge and Snefrid. Metallurgically clad pipes from BUTTING are also used in the Alligin project.

Nils Niebuhr, Sales Manager Line pipes & clad pipes, explains: "The oil and gas companies operating in the North Sea have excellent technological standards and therefore high quality requirements. A particular challenge is the specific requirements of the various operators for quality testing at BUTTING. In addition, tight schedules must be adhered to for these projects, which can only be achieved through our high capacities and optimised supply chains. I am pleased that this year we have been able to demonstrate a good performance in a number of North Sea projects and thus underline our world market position as the leading producer of clad pipes."

Since 1978 BUTTING has been producing longitudinally welded CRA pipes for onshore, offshore and subsea projects in the oil and gas industry. The latter are used, for example, as riser, process and conduit pipes when transporting gases, oil and other flammable liquids or solid materials – in the North Sea as well.

In 2018 alone, BUTTING was commissioned to produce a significant quantity of CRA pipes for the Johan Castberg project, which are needed in the Norwegian North Sea. BUTTING also supplies corrosion-resistant pipes to the Snorre project, the Valhall project and the YME project in the Norwegian region. In addition, CRA pipes of various sizes from BUTTING are used for the Tyra project in Danish North Sea territorial waters. Projects from the British sector are also supplied from Knesebeck, including for the Catcher project. Depending on the conditions of use, different materials were selected, including duplex, super duplex or even 6Mo.

Christian Schenk, Head of Sales – Projects CRA, explains: "Our longstanding experience – for more than 40 years now – is crucial for many customers when they opt for a manufacturer. We take pride in the fact that BUTTING is one of the producers of longitudinally welded CRA pipes that has supplied pipes to the largest number of pipeline projects in the oil and gas sector worldwide."

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Photo Christian Schenk
Christian Schenk
Sales Stainless steel welded pipes