Stock programme for duplex and superduplex expanded

In order to offer our customers even quicker coverage of their needs at short notice, the component store in Knesebeck has now been expanded: As of now, 18” Sch10S, 20” Sch10S and 24” Sch10S pipes in the material UNS S31803 and in the material UNS S32750 in accordance with ASTM A928 are available from stock.

In addition to the pipe store, BUTTING in Knesebeck now also stocks the following steel plates: in duplex up to 25.4 mm and in superduplex up to 22 mm. The steel plates are used for the production of longitudinally welded pipes for customer requirements at short notice.

With the expansion of the pipe and steel plate store, we meet the requirements of our customers in the oil and gas industry as well as in water and wastewater technology sector. “This allows BUTTING to react even more quickly and more flexibly to the delivery requirements,” stresses Christian Schenk, from the “Welded stainless steel pipe sales” department.

As well as austenitic steels, special alloys and titanium, BUTTING has specialised in the processing of duplex, superduplex and lean duplex materials. Since 1979 we have processed more than 250,000 metric tonnes of these materials into pipes, pipelines and ready-for-installation components. Duplex steels are mainly used for their corrosion resistance to various corrosive media and for reasons of strength. They are used as underwater collection pipes, flowlines, process and line pipes or as pump and riser pipes.


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