Start of training at BUTTING

The 1st of August was a special day for BUTTING in Knesebeck: a total of 36 BUTTING employees celebrated their 40th, 25th or tenth anniversaries at the firm. And there was a second reason to cele-brate: 35 apprentices started their professional careers in 11 different training occupations.

Hermann Butting warmly welcomed the new apprentices and their families during the traditional welcome event. First he congratulated all the apprentices and emphasised that they could be proud of their school-leaving qualifications and their apprenticeships at BUTTING. Hermann Butting referred to the self-image of the family company: "'We are a well-trained, international staff family, yet we see ourselves as learning every day. Our innovatory strength and problem-solving skills are based on long-standing experience and teamwork, as well as on new ideas and unique personalities.' We expect curiosity, hope that you are eager to learn new things and to perform, and that you will contribute to the success of our BUTTING family. Our trainers will support you with whole-hearted dedication." In addition, the CEO encouraged the new employees to develop their unique personalities and potential. "We neither want nor need identical clones! Just be yourselves! Be brave by being authentic and showing your weaknesses. Our weaknesses are also part of us."

For the new apprentices, training starts with a team week. They are to collect general information about BUTTING and their training, explore the factory grounds and get to know the instructors and each other.

On the same day, eight young people began their training as plant mechanics or technical product designers at BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt. Thus BUTTING will be training a total of 136 apprentices in eleven different careers throughout Germany.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition