Start of apprentice training

On the first of August we were able to welcome 39 new apprentices in eleven different training professions to BUTTING in Knesebeck. Since 1949 BUTTING has been training apprentices and not only the variety of professions has changed since then, but also the number of apprentices. This year we set a new record with 39 apprentices at the main plant in Knesebeck, Germany. On the same day, twelve new trainees began their apprenticeship as plant mechanics at BUTTING Anlagenbau in Schwedt.

Hermann Butting met the new apprentices with their family members and welcomed them to the company. “You can be proud of your school leaving certificates and your trainee places at BUTTING. Now, apprentices, it’s up to you to shape your future careers,” was how Hermann Butting began his speech. "Our soul needs meaning, beauty, good relationships and happiness as nourishment," he continued, explaining that our training has these four things to offer. He also encouraged the apprentices to contribute to the BUTTING family while always remaining true to themselves: “We neither want nor need identical clones. So just be yourselves. Be brave by being authentic. This includes admitting your weaknesses,” he told the apprentices. When they introduced themselves in person, the instructors gave a live insight into their professional careers at BUTTING. A good motivation for the new apprentices of what different and exciting careers in the company can look like. Family members were introduced to the company through a two-hour tour in small groups. A hands-on insight into BUTTING.

In the course of the subsequent teamwork-week to start the apprenticeship, the apprentices got to know each other and their instructors better. As a result, initial contacts were made and many questions were answered. In addition, the varied information about BUTTING and the training prepared them in the best possible way for the start of the apprenticeship.


BUTTING – Progress by Tradition