Special Pipes Sales: Change of Management

After working for BUTTING for more than forty years, Peter Franz began his well-earned retirement last month. He has handed over management of the "Special pipes and components" sales department at BUTTING in Knesebeck to Jörg Pollmann.

Peter Franz began working for BUTTING in 1976. For many years he was the head of department responsible for sales. Our German and international customers, and also his colleagues and executives valued his specialist skills and long-standing knowledge of the market.

Jörg Pollmann has now taken over his area of responsibility, after gaining comprehensive experience in various departments and positions at BUTTING in the last 25 years. For example, the 47-year-old worked in the Pipe technology sales department a few years ago before he took on a management position in QA. For more than two years thereafter, Jörg Pollmann managed the CRA pipes sales department. He also increased his practical skills through a wide variety of training sessions. This experience and his comprehensive technical skills were decisive for the new task.

Norbert Heinzle, Managing Director at BUTTING in Knesebeck, explains: "In the person of Jörg Pollmann, an experienced manager with extensive technical skills is taking over the sales department. With his help we will be able to give even better support to our customers in a very wide range of industrial sectors of piping technology in finding individual solutions and developing product solutions for components ready for installation together."

The "Special pipes and components" sales department, so-called piping technology, supports a large number of different products, projects and customers. In joint development work involving BUTTING and the customer, customised product solutions are created, such as oval pipes for a ship railing, bridge railings for the Millennium Bridge in London and components for the aerospace industry.

"The portfolio of the Piping Technology sales group is already very varied today. The production of customised, components ready for installation repeatedly imposes the highest quality and precision demands on BUTTING. True to our ‘More than pipes’ motto, we wish to develop this variety further along with our customers and to expand it beyond the borders of German-speaking countries", is how Jörg Pollmann explains his aims. "The investments in production technology, such as a fully automated welding cell combined with a robot system, open up new possibilities to extend the product range and thus satisfy the growing demands of customers. Whether as a one-off specimen or in mass production, we see it as our challenge to solve the individual problems imposed on us", is how Jörg Pollmann describes the new challenge.

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