Sosta stainless pipes goes into production

BUTTING Group has taken over the operation of Sosta GmbH & Co. KG in Könnern near Halle. The new company has been entered in the Commercial Register as Sosta stainless pipes GmbH. Initial customer orders are already in production.

With the purchase and transfer agreement of 5 October 2017, Sosta stainless pipes GmbH acquired all the material and immaterial assets of Sosta GmbH & Co. KG for business and production operations on the Könnern site. Sosta stainless pipes GmbH is now entered in the Commercial Register of the Stendal District Court under number HRB 24820. The entry in the Commercial Register explicitly states that liabilities of the seller have not been acquired or transferred and these have also not been taken over by Sosta stainless pipes GmbH. The same applies to Sosta B.V. in the Netherlands. Liabilities of the seller arising for Sosta stainless pipes GmbH under Section 25 of the German Commercial Register (HGB) for the operation of Sosta GmbH & Co. KG are excluded.

In mid-November the first staff meeting took place in Könnern. Hermann Butting informed the staff about the company's history, values and expectations and the future corporate strategy. "We aim to write a success story in Könnern too!" is the vision of Hermann Butting.

From 13 November, Dr. Jochem Beißel has taken over as Managing Director at the Könnern site: "At the Könnern site, we will provide the BUTTING Group with a reliable partner for the production of stainless steel pipes. The first pipes are already in production."

In the event of enquiries, please contact our sales partner Sosta B.V., Kjell Steen, (Tel.: +31 78 6483662, e-mail: or BUTTING in Knesebeck, Christian Schenk (Tel.: +49 5834 50-362, e-mail:

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