Serious – determined – together

For many decades, BUTTING has been your reliable supplier of high-quality, stainless steel pipes and components ready for installation. We guarantee our reliability, quality and flexibility even in these times.

The most important thing for you to know is that our supply chains are working and our production is up and running.

We are doing everything we can to protect the health of our employees. To this end, we have introduced various measures on site in our companies. At the same time, we want to maintain our ability to process your orders and projects in a timely manner and with the quality you expect, both now and in the future.

Despite the restrictions, we are succeeding in doing so at all production sites as well as at our plant engineering sites and construction sites, during maintenance and at the workshops. Hermann Butting is proud of the performance and commitment of its employees in this situation and would like to share the following example: "For a long-standing customer, we manufacture ready-to-install components as a series product. Last month we delivered more components to this customer than the weekly average from the previous year. We were able to achieve this performance thanks to the great flexibility and mutual consideration in everyday shift work, flexible working hours and staggered break times. That was a new top performance!"

Just as before:

  • Our pipe storage is at your disposal for short-term requirements
  • We can flexibly manufacture longitudinally welded pipes for you within a very short space of time at our production sites in Knesebeck and Könnern
  • Our employees are available for you by telephone or e-mail at the usual times


Hermann Butting stresses: "Rest assured that BUTTING will do everything in its power to continue processing your orders."


BUTTING – Progress by Tradition