Second Clad Symposium in Abu Dhabi

On 6 November 2016, the second Clad Symposium organised by BUTTING took place in Abu Dhabi. Numerous interested participants from the Arabian Peninsula attended the event, which focused on a wide variety of information concerning clad pipes.

A number of specialist talks by experts from BUTTING and a supplier of raw materials provided information on construction, welding processes and the use of mechanically or metallurgically clad pipes.

For mechanically clad pipes, a corrosion-resistant pipe is placed inside a pipe made from highly robust carbon-manganese steel and pressed into position with hydro forming equipment. BUTTING developed this product and brought it to market in the shape of the BuBi® pipe at the beginning of the 1990s.

Metallurgically clad pipes are made from metal-clad steel plates, and the two layers of metal are connected fast to each other by a diffusion bridge. The pipes can be supplied in a wide variety of material combinations, and the cladding process can be performed internally or externally.

BUTTING can look back on more than twenty years of experience in the production and supply of clad pipes for a large number of projects across the world. They are employed particularly in the oil and gas sector, where their high pressure and corrosion resistance allows their use as riser pipes, or in deep-sea exploration.

The participants in the symposium praised the range of practical, specialist information and the opportunity to exchange questions and discuss new opinions in direct contact.

The uniformly positive response to the event encourages the management of BUTTING in their view that clad pipes will continue in the areas where they are already established, but will also be used successfully in new fields of activity.

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